Friday, November 16, 2012

Dutch Oven Sweet Potatoes

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Last night I did a trial of outside Dutch oven cooking sweet potatoes before doing it for Thanksgiving.

I have a 12 inch cast iron Dutch oven.  The camping Dutch oven sit up on small legs built in.  The legs allows for you to put charcoal under it.  It also has a lid with a small lip around it to hold back charcoal and ash.  In Dutch oven cooking you also place charcoal on top.

I laid down 2 bricks for my foundation and put 4 bricks up for side walls.  It is nice to have side protection if the wind is blowing.  
Fill a charcoal chimney 3/4 with charcoal and light newspaper at the bottom.  In about 20 minutes the charcoal will be ready to cook with.  A charcoal chimney is the easiest way to start charcoal.  Do not use charcoal starter fluid and do not use easy light charcoal.  They can burn too fast.  Basic plain charcoal is the best.

Wipe the inside of the Dutch oven with olive, canola, or cooking oil.  Wash and dry sweet potatoes.  Rub them with cooking oil and place them in the Dutch oven.  Put on lid and you are ready to cook.

With long tongs add about 6 to 8 charcoals on bottom of brick platform.  Set Dutch oven over them.  Add about 12 to 15 charcoals on top of lid spaced evenly. 

After an hour lift lid carefully with a long handle hook and check potatoes.  
Cook until the sweet potatoes are very soft.  
Remove lid and set it aside on a brick.  Lift Dutch oven off of charcoal.  
You are now ready to enjoy soft yummy sweet potatoes.
Regular potatoes can be cooked in the same manner.

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